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IT Product Management

How we contribute on progress

Progress is our daily agenda.

Numerous software products used at STRABAG require a technical person in charge.

Our Product Managers and Application Managers have different professional backgrounds and contribute with diverse competences from the software sector or from certain construction sectors. Due to the diversity of projects, these different skills are needed and utilised accordingly.

How we achieve it

In IT product management, we analyse requirements and provide assistance with the further development and configuration of software applications. These products can either be developed internally or purchased externally.

Our tasks include prioritising requirements analysis, managing development pipelines and ensuring the correct configuration. In addition to the technical focus, the specialist expertise acquired by our colleagues in IT product management is also important.

Our range of projects

The project portfolio ranges from tools for HR to operational construction site applications and invoicing software.

The internally developed IRIS software platform provides a central access point for construction site documentation, files and construction data, such as sensor data from tunnelling machines.

Each software area, such as IRIS.tunnel or the Project Management Hub, has its own product manager.

Career insights
From the idea to the final software solution: IT project coordination at STRABAG
From the idea to the final software solution: IT project coordination at STRABAG

As IT project coordinator, Arrigo Batton acts as the interface between internal clients and the IT software developers. The aim is to transform exciting ideas into innovative software products for the widest possible range of end users and the construction of tomorrow.

Added value for you: Because you are worth it to us.


Whether you are a Construction Manager, Sustainability Coordinator or Software developer: When it comes to driving change and work on progress to become climate neutral, every single one of us is in demand.

Innovative environment

Working at STRABAG allows you to use and develop new digital working methods. Together with outstanding teams and the most innovative technology, we are building the future.

Individual development

According to your competencies and personality, we offer you various development and training opportunities. We aim to ensure that you have all the necessary capabilities and skills that will be relevant both for the company and for your professional career.


We are committed to values such as partnership and respect, which ensure that we treat each other with respect. We understand this to mean treating each other as equals and being open to other perspectives and ideas.

Health & Wellbeing

The people who work for us are our most valuable asset. That is why we have established targeted measures in the areas of prevention and health promotion.


In addition to competitive remuneration, health measures and career development, we offer great company events and other individual location-specific offers.