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IT Infrastructure / Cloud Automation

How we contribute on progress

Each construction site begins with data - and with us.
From cutting edge network technologies to cloud and automation projects up to hosting, we ensure STRABAG's global IT operations on every single day.

How we achieve it

As international team, we work together to make the digital transformation visible and accessible to every employee. We achieve it by working in teams with specific areas of expertise.

  • Cloud / Automation: The Cloud team manages account provisioning and sets guidelines as well as governance rules for the use of resources in our cloud systems (Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP) within the FinOps reporting. The Automation team develops solutions and tools to automate the maintenance of internal on-premises and cloud resources.
  • Network: The Network team acts as a link and provides secure and stable data connections for projects of varying sizes worldwide.
  • Hosting: The Hosting team ensures that existing and future applications are properly integrated and built according to internal guidelines. We provide operational platforms, services, and resources to ensure the flawless functionality of all applications. Additionally, the team plays an advisory role and supports the onboarding process as well as the integration and architectural development of application systems.
  • Client: The evaluation and implementation of new and existing corporate hardware is one of the core focus areas of our International Client Development team. Other central tasks include the development of software packages, the conceptualisation, and operation of the LRS® Print Management.
  • M365 Platform: The M365 Platform team is responsible for governance and compliance issues within the M365 context, with a significant focus on the lifecycle of feature updates. The evaluation, integration, and consultation regarding Azure Enterprise Apps complete the team's portfolio.
Career insights
Understanding technical conditions holistically: IT Infrastructures at STRABAG
Understanding technical conditions holistically: IT Infrastructures at STRABAG

In the Network department, Markus Benovsky and his team manage over 1,000 VPN connections. His day-to-day work involves exciting technical "puzzles" and dealing with new technologies, such as the current switch from traditional WAN to software-defined WAN. Such projects are often intertwined with other specialist groups, which is why it is important to understand them holistically and bring together the activities of the individual teams.

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Whether you are a Construction Manager, Sustainability Coordinator or Software developer: When it comes to driving change and work on progress to become climate neutral, every single one of us is in demand.

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Working at STRABAG allows you to use and develop new digital working methods. Together with outstanding teams and the most innovative technology, we are building the future.

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According to your competencies and personality, we offer you various development and training opportunities. We aim to ensure that you have all the necessary capabilities and skills that will be relevant both for the company and for your professional career.


We are committed to values such as partnership and respect, which ensure that we treat each other with respect. We understand this to mean treating each other as equals and being open to other perspectives and ideas.

Health & Wellbeing

The people who work for us are our most valuable asset. That is why we have established targeted measures in the areas of prevention and health promotion.


In addition to competitive remuneration, health measures and career development, we offer great company events and other individual location-specific offers.